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What is Krzana?

Krzana is a real-time search engine for structured data.

The Krzana engine processes over 5000 streaming structured and unstructured data sources, adding entity and event metadata to them in real time.

It provides unique, uncorrelated, structured data feeds to the finance and news industries.

It provides powerful filters that allow our users to describe the entities and events they're interested in, like "natural and human disasters involving US auto manufacturers", "mergers and acquisitions of European tech companies" or "significant rumours and discussions around Glencore"

Filters are run against all of the data in real time, from social media like Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, to major publications like Reuters and the BBC, and even niche industry outlets and blogs like Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha and

These filtered data streams define "channels" - structured data feeds that return results instantly, as the underlying content is published

Channels publish to our online dashboard, push to web and mobile notifications, and can be subscribed to via our real-time API, so our customers can stay informed whether they're at their desk, on the move or inside their own systems.

Who's using it?

Krzana Finance is used by alternative asset managers, hedge funds, family offices, analysts and financial PR firms.
The Hedge Fund

Krzana is used to support an extremely successful strategy in a major hedge fund, monitoring activity around physical industrial structures that simply isn't reported by traditional and major media outlets. By applying deep semantic filtering, Krzana allows the fund to monitor data from a wide net of social media and other uncorrelated data sources that contain data not available anywhere else that would otherwise be too noisy to access.

The Financial PR Firm

A London-based financial communications firm uses Krzana to be the first to detect conversations and events pertaining to their clients. From social media conversations, to niche journalism and unexpected mentions and headlines, Krzana ensures that they're always the first to know when new developments break in their clients' fields of expertise, so their clients can always be the first word, before the story breaks to the general public.

Krzana Finance

Beating the markets to information.

Markets move and you need to know where they are heading. Krzana enables you to create powerful watchlists built on your insight and knowledge. Get ahead of the competition and respond to news before it’s News.

MARKET CLOSED 1.09 4.288 2.449 07:02 08:04 08:46 Major News Source Major News Wire $UKOG - UK Oil & Gas Investments PLC Significant upgrade of the Horse Hill discovery Discovery of oil in Sussex

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