The newsgathering engine

Krzana provides the tools to surface pre-news and uncover the narrative behind local and global events, before they become news.


Real Time

Krzana finds relevant breaking news as it happens and notifies you instantly.

Broad Sources

Our 60,000+ worldwide sources cover everything from social media and local press to international newswires and government statements.


Build a personalised newsfeed. Don’t just see what others do. Build your own filters and boost your edge.

Video and Images

We source video and images as soon as they’re uploaded, so you can find them at zero views.


The Krzana engine speaks many languages, so you don’t have to.


The Krzana engine uses AI to only display relevant information, and discard noise.

Krzana proves itself every day as an invaluable tool for our clients, uncovering breaking stories and helping to develop powerful, meaningful narratives.


A team of journalists using Krzana spotted university students being turned away from the polls in Keele long before there was any coverage.

Videos at zero views

Agencies use Krzana to source videos at zero views on everything from protests and fires, to storms and even footage from drones.

Local News

Journalists across the UK use Krzana to monitor and report on local news, from business openings to local events and political developments.