Krzana provides filtered news streams as data.

We provide developers with a clean feed of well-tagged, de-duplicated news within an easy to integrate API.

We provide product teams and subject experts with an intuitive UI for building and maintaining complex, intelligent news searches to power your products.

Krzana crawls the web and gives you access to millions of daily news articles, blogs, company announcements, scientific journals, press releases and more, as soon as they're published.

If you need news about particular people, places, companies or assets, from a single company or footballer to every coal powerplant in Europe, Krzana can help.

Try it out

We have a list of free, pre-built channels that you can use in your products right away. Check out some example feeds

Explore our ontologies

We update our complex searches in real-time, so you can search for "UK Members of Parliament" or "FTSE 250 Consumer Cyclicals Companies" and your feeds will update to match the latest data. Check out what we cover

Build your own channels

We have a powerful, web-based tool to help you build searches. Check out our channel builder Krzana Monitor on desktop and mobile

Build custom searches

Want a custom news feed that isn't quite described here? We integrate custom ontologies to power unique news feeds. Get in touch