Ravi on the Radio – Getting to grips with emerging market trends

“Emerging Opportunities is the only show on radio dedicated to global emerging markets, hosted by Share Radio’s Juliette Foster, and Gavin Serkin, the Managing Editor of the Frontier Funds Consultancy and author of ‘Frontier: Exploring the Top Ten Emerging Markets of Tomorrow.’ Juliette and Gavin were  joined in the studio Ravi Rajani, Head of Sales for the real-time smart search engine Krzana.

So, the ultimate investment question: how can you tell which markets around the world are going to rise or fall in the future? One way is to follow the money – to track the flow of investment in and out of markets. Sound obvious? It is to one of today’s guests Michael Howell, the Managing Director of Crossborder Capital, which monitors the flow of cash from central banks and other sources. Another way to second guess the market? Look for gaps in information.”

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