Krzana provides a data platform that offers filtered, tagged, translated and normalised content from inside and outside a publisher’s company group.

“Krzana is the hidden secret behind the success of our personalisation system.”

– Major niche professional publisher

We can help publishers with multiple titles who are looking to:

  • improve their in-group syndication efforts
  • develop personalisation projects / products
  • simplify their technology stack, and reduce costs across their publications
  • syndicate or aggregate external content

“Working with Krzana made our syndication project a pain-free experience. All our titles now publish to one feed that our internal products subscribe to, and our engineering team didn’t need to write a single line of code.”

– Product Owner at a multi-title publisher

We allow technical and non-technical users to rapidly create reliable and expertly domain-filtered data streams using both external content from partners, competitors, first-party sources etc, and internal content from other parts of the company or group.

Content is provided via API and can power personalisation systems, syndication programmes and internal translation and editorial products.