Krzana helps journalists discover and develop stories that resonate deeply with local audiences.

The platform is used in newsrooms across the UK and USA to enable local journalists to spend less time hunting for stories and media, and more of it writing unique, insightful journalism.

“There is a lot of talk about AI replacing journalists but tools like Krzana actually simply help our journalists to do their jobs better. Being able to discover hyper-local stories before they’ve even broken on Twitter is critical to our mission of being the trusted news source of the local community.”

– Alison Gow – Editor in Chief (digital) Trinity Mirror regionals

Local company news

Many of Krzana’s local clients monitor major businesses and employers in the region, covering firings and firings, site openings and union activity.

Travel disruption

Krzana keeps journalists on top of the latest updates from local transport companies and agencies. But it also keeps tabs on complaints and stories from travelers, which are usually faster and more enlightening than the official channels.

Local politics

Journalists can follow everything pertaining to local politicians, or drill down to only particular issues, as well as being notified any time national or international politicians mention the local area or issues relevant to it.

Great local video

Krzana users get access to UGC video from their districts at zero views. Deep knowledge of local areas and businesses built into the Krzana engine makes discovering media fast and effortless.

Disasters and crime

Real-time searches for police activity, vehicle crashes, fires, evacuations, public affray etc. can be created by simply placing a pin covering the area on a map. Detailed searches are pre-built, and locations, along with their local names and nicknames in multiple languages are immediately added from our extensive global maps.

Local weather

UGC really shines when there’s unusual weather. When there’s snow, storms, floods, or heatwaves, Krzana’s clients have a constant stream of locally-generated video and stills at their disposal which often go viral, and never fail to increase reader engagement.

Multi-lingual coverage

Krzana searches natively in four languages, without any additional work from journalists. This provides much improved source coverage and lets journalists concentrate on the important tasks, particularly in bi- or multi-lingual regions.

“Thanks to Krzana, one of our reporters has managed to increase their output of news from one story a day to three or four.”


New Language Support

Krzana has recently expanded local coverage into Spanish, that vastly expands the range of local publications we can support, particularly in the US.

Locations across the US and Europe

Our in-depth local maps now cover the US and Europe down to a state and city level. This gives unprecedented coverage with official and local place names.
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