Krzana Search Ontologies

You can create Krzana news feeds using keyword searches, but you can also use much more powerful concepts from our ontology. Concepts from Krzana's ontology are matched using entity matching, grouping and disambiguation, so "BoJo" will match Boris Johnson, and also Members of UK Parliament. Similarly, "747" on an airline blog will match Boeing, but "911" in a political forum won't match Porsche.

Our ontology is constantly updating, so you can create a search for "West Ham United FC" and it will keep itself updated, searching for new players as they join and leave the team. Similarly for CEOs of companies, members of the FTSE 250 etc.

If you have your own custom data sets, we can integrate them into our ontology for you, so you can track your clients, your products, journalists in your industry etc. We can also source custom ontologies, if you want to track something but you don't know where to get the data from. Get in touch and we'll find a solution for you.

Here are some of the areas that our ontology covers, and some suggestions of what it could cover for you:
  • Locations
    • Hyperlocal - churches, hotels, places of interest, major roads
    • Countries - we link up data from a variety of sources and rely on geonames for our identifiers
    • Counties and States
    • Custom - e.g. "roads with churches on them", "cities with current daytime temperatures above 20°C", "major cities in countries served by our company’s airline"
  • People
    • Politicians
      • Members of Parliament (UK)
      • Members of the House of Lords (UK)
      • Members of European Parliament
      • Members of the US Senate
      • Members of the US House of Representatives
      • Custom - any politicians in a particular country or party, or running in a particular election
    • Athletes
      • UK professional football players
      • Custom - any athletes from any sport or league
  • Organisations
    • Companies - we link up data from a variety of sources, and rely on OpenPerm for our identifiers
    • Sports teams
      • UK professional football teams
      • Custom - any teams from any sport or league
  • Physical structures
    • Energy structures
      • European power stations - we use a deep data set, so you can filter by fuel, power production, country etc
      • European LNG terminals
      • European oil and gas fields
    • Custom - factories
    • Custom - schools
    • Custom - shopping malls
... or almost anything else you can imagine! Just ask.