Regardless of what asset class you are trading, story you are following, or market you are monitoring, understanding underlying catalysts is crucial. Krzana mines over 60,000 traditional and unorthodox data sources to deliver real time news from across the world

Krzana Interface

Wherever you are, Krzana mines the information you need real-time and delivers it to you in a tailored format. Our app helps those on the move keep plugged in on their tablet or mobile, whilst our web based application is easy to use for those at their desk


What it does:

Understanding the pulse of the street is crucial for any sector or market. These days large corporates and politicians will communicate through unconventional mediums, which can easily be missed by traditional methods. Use Krzana Monitor to react to events before they become The News and gauge sentiment on companies and individuals through a diversified landscape of sources. Discover M&A, geopolitical events, index news, industry news, lawsuits, official and unofficial announcements, analyst predictions, niche rumours, and even HR movements.


Ideal Product for:

• Traders
• Analysts
• Researchers
• Financial Press
• Newswires
• Equity Strategy & Research
• Portfolio Managers
• Corporate Brokers & Salespeople
• PR Companies

What it does:

Krzana’s unique graph database maps the entire European energy infrastructure and industry. This means that if there is a market moving event you will be the first to know. Monitor oil rig disasters, earthquakes, supply chain disruptions, pipeline attacks and much more with our powerful engine. This is the must have for any professional within the energy industry.


Ideal Product for:

• Energy Traders
• Energy Analysts & Research
• Energy Strategists
• Consultants
• Newswires & Press

What it does:

Krzana accelerates newsgathering.

Discover news in real time from 60,000 hand-picked sources, including social media, local press and other key sources worldwide. As well as signing into your full account, the Krzana Demo app provides sample channels that showcase the capabilities of the Krzana engine. They identify everything from breaking news to potentially viral videos and informed geopolitical commentary.


Ideal Product for:

All of our users, including:
• Journalists
• Traders
• Consultants
• Newswires & Press
• Analysts
• Portfolio managers
• PR agencies
• Brokers

“The platform is user-friendly and the app is a fantastic way for me to keep up to date with news regarding my portfolio on the go. Since I have witnessed Krzana beating the majors to breaking news on a regular basis, we have rolled the product out to the rest of the trading team.”

Cash equities trader, Pension fund, London

How does Krzana work?

Krzana provides powerful filters that allow our users to describe the entities and events they’re interested in, like “natural and human disasters involving US auto manufacturers”, “mergers and acquisitions of European tech companies” or “significant rumours and discussions around Glencore”. Filters are run against all of the data in real time, from social media like Twitter, Reddit and YouTube, to major publications like Reuters and the BBC, and even niche industry outlets and blogs like Zero Hedge, Seeking Alpha and

These filtered data streams define “channels” – structured data feeds that return results instantly, as the underlying content is published. Channels publish to our online dashboard, push to web and mobile notifications, and can be subscribed to via our real-time API, so our customers can stay informed whether they’re at their desk, on the move or inside their own systems

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Single User License

Create searches in seconds, tracking equities, indexes or sectors. Once you’ve set up a search it tracks in the background and lets you know whenever anything new comes in

Trading Floor License

Empower your trading floor with the most advanced real-time news search platform on the market. Whether trading Equities, Commodities, Fixed Assets or Energy, Krzana can arm your traders to respond quicker to market conditions and access a huge depth of market information on the fly