Krzana is a real-time search engine that focuses on the financial sector. The Krzana engine is a tool that allows you to utilise both your own knowledge and Krzana’s proprietary databases to surface actionable breaking information.


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Krzana Energy

With a proprietary ontology mapping the entire European Energy Sector infrastructure and industry, if there’s breaking news, you will be the first to know. As the most powerful real-time energy sector news search product on the market, Krzana energy is a prerequisite for every trader.


Channels are made up of multiple powerful filters all working together to surface relevant actionable information in real time from over 60,000 sources

Krzana Energy

Krzana Energy is based on a new proprietary ontology that contains every European power station, MEP, utilities, interconnectors and vast amounts of energy related data. An energy specific product that allowed energy traders/analysts to get real time information on outages, fires, discoveries of oil and politicians discussing important matters.

“The platform is user-friendly and the app is a fantastic way for me to keep up to date with news regarding my portfolio on the go. Since I have witnessed Krzana beating the majors to breaking news on a regular basis, we have rolled the product out to the rest of the trading team.”

Cash equities trader, Pension fund, London

Access to the world

Get breaking market news and information in real-time before mainstream media. Never miss a story, monitor your portfolio with unrivalled global reach and granularity from Krzana.