Krzana Monitor is a real-time search engine that that allows you to utilise both your own knowledge and Krzana’s proprietary databases to surface actionable breaking information.

Krzana Monitor

Krzana Monitor is the essential tool for journalists, traders, analysts, researchers, brokers and PR companies to monitor real-time breaking news. Monitor events such as M&A, geopolitical events, index news, industry news, lawsuits, official and unofficial announcements, analyst predictions, niche rumours, and even HR movements.


Channels are made up of multiple powerful filters all working together to surface relevant actionable information in real time from over 60,000 sources. The first thing to do when creating a channel is to decide which entities it will be focused on.


If for example you were interested in Glencore and its competitors, you would type in Glencore and select it from the dropdown. By selecting it the engine knows which company you mean and can expand the search from a keyword based search into one that includes an understanding of the company. This search will now include the multiple ways the company can be referred to, its stock ticker/tickers, the most important people that work there and will even suggest other similar companies. If the company isn’t within our database then just select “custom entry” and the channel will still function without this extra information. You can also augment the data here by adding individual people to each entity you’re interested in.


Qualifiers are the events that give the entities their relevance, as shown in the diagram on page 1. The engine has a series of template sets of events that work well for various situations, such as M&A or Analyst predictions, but it also allows you to input your own words and phrases that are relevant to individual needs.
When you select a word the engine takes into account every other form and tense that the word can take. E.g. Meeting would also take into account Meetings, Met and Meet.


If there are certain events or words that signify unhelpful content then you can input them here and if a pulse contains any of them it will not be published. Commonly excluded words/events are job, hiring, and for sale.

Feed Options

Within this tab you can alter the more general settings of the channel.

• The top buttons select whether you want to see repeated, reshared or sensitive content.


• Media filters let you specify that you’re interested only in pulses that contain (or don’t contain) pictures or video.


• Desktop notifications turns on and off the ability to see notifications when you are outside of the tab, as well as how long they stay on screen for.


• Advanced options enable you to add Webhooks if desired.


Within this tab you alter which sources are active within the channel. To automatically turn on all source for the channel click on the wide “Select All Sources” button.


The first time Twitter is turned on you will be asked to authenticate your Twitter account. Once this is done you’ll be able to utilise the source fully in every channel without any further authentication. The engine accesses 100% of Tweets relevant to the channel within milliseconds of posting.


YouTube can either be added wholesale or only for specific categories. For example the majority of users turn off “gaming”, “music”, “sports” and “pets & animals” etc but find that “News & Politics” and “People & blogs” are very useful.


These sources will alert you to any earthquakes, worldwide, that reach a certain threshold, meaning that any damage to structures or potential threats to life can be immediately assessed. These alerts come directly from the monitoring stations. You can set the threshold for alerts by moving the slider left and right.

News Feeds & Blog Posts

Within these two source types are over 2,000 different publications, newswires and blogs. News Feeds are more official sources, such as the BBC, Reuters & International Newspapers. Blog Posts come from smaller, but no less important, sources such as Mining Daily, Zero Hedge & Individual Trader Blogs. If you want to check whether your favourite source is included then please search for it by name. If it isn’t then you are able to add it yourself using the input fields below.

The Engine – Channels

Channels Panel

The main window of the engine is split into two sections. The left hand section is where channels can be monitored, selected/ deselected, edited and created as well as where favourited pulses can be interacted with and exported.


The graphs next to each channel show the overall activity of the channel over the past hour, 6 hours, day or week (selectable from within a dropdown). If the channel is expanded (using the chevron) then you can see the terms ranked by most active within the channel over the same time period, along with graphs outlining the activity of the individual term.


Whether a channel appears in the central panel (waterfall) can be toggled on and off with the tickbox to the left of the channel name. Deselecting a channel does not stop it searching, it only removes the results from the waterfall. A channel is searching constantly, whether or not it is selected or the computer is turned on or off. This means that when you login after a period away from the engine you can scroll back in time and see what your channels have sourced whilst you were away.


If you click on the star button to the right of the column you will change the panel to show every pulse you have favourited. Here you can interact with the pulses and export them.

The Waterfall

The waterfall is where all pulses (individual bits of relevant information) are presented, with the newest at the top. Pulses can be interacted with by clicking on them, which brings up a toolbar where you can either save, delete or share them.
The number of columns depends on the size of your browser window. Pulses are sorted randomly into the columns to maintain a correct timeline.

If there is any media within a pulse it is automatically shown within the waterfall and when a new pulse comes in from the top the rest of the pulses “flow” down. As you scroll back through time older pulses are loaded.


“The platform is user-friendly and the app is a fantastic way for me to keep up to date with news regarding my portfolio on the go. Since I have witnessed Krzana beating the majors to breaking news on a regular basis, we have rolled the product out to the rest of the trading team.”

Cash equities trader, Pension fund, London

Access to the world

Get breaking market news and information in real-time before mainstream media. Never miss a story, monitor your portfolio with unrivalled global reach and granularity from Krzana.