Krzana has been used since 2016 in newsrooms across the world to report on elections in multiple languages. From covering the communications and rise of far-right groups in the run-up to the US election, to (fake) allegations of Russian influence and corruption in the Mexican election, and (real) violence and political murders in both Mexico and Pakistan; its credentials for use in serious political journalism are unparalleled.

“Krzana has been the key newsgathering tool for elections projects we’ve worked on around the world, and has consistently been the fastest platform to deliver highly relevant breaking news leads, across languages.” – Tom Trewinnard, Meedan

Mexico (2018)

Krzana provided the primary newsgathering tool for Verificado, in which 90+ newsrooms including AJ+ and Animal Politico sourced and debunked fake news and attempts to propagate false information around the Mexican election in 2018.
When the project shut down after the election there was a massive public outcry appealing for it to continue.
The significant success of this project and the continued relevance of the issues it tackled to elections worldwide has caused a significant attempt to replicate it in other countries, which we are actively supporting.

Zimbabwe (2018)

A major international public service broadcaster is using Krzana to monitor the political and social situation in Zimbabwe, from the run-up to the post-Mugabe election, to the result and popular response.

United Kingdom (2017)

A special-purpose election newsroom was constructed in City University. Thirty journalism students came from around the UK and used Krzana to cover the events on the day of the election.
Stories were discovered, researched and produced on a wide gamut of topics from procedural irregularities and people being turned away when attempting to vote, to the ever popular dogs at polling stations.

Pakistan (2018)

Krzana has been supporting a general election monitoring campaign for the Express Tribune, monitoring events from general rumors and discussions about candidates to political murders.

United States (2016)

Krzana was used by a group led by ProPublica to monitor and research hate crimes and speech against people queueing to vote as well as issues with voting booths.

“Krzana is a powerful tool for increasing the reach and output of existing politics desks, as well as providing the backbone newsgathering technology for special-purpose election newsrooms.”

Upcoming Elections

These elections are upcoming and Krzana will be providing support for them. Get in contact with us at if you’re planning your election overage and would be interested in using Krzana in your newsroom.


  • 9th Sept. Sweden (parliament)
  • 6th Oct. Latvia (parliament)
  • 7th Oct. Brazil (presidential)


  • Nigeria (general)
  • Africa (general)
  • Senegal (presidential)
  • Mozambique (general)
  • Algeria (presidential)
  • India (general)
  • Europe (parliament)
  • Denmark (general)
  • Greece (parliament)
  • Spain (regionals)
  • Canada (federal)
  • Guatemala (general)
  • Argentina (general)
  • Bolivia (general)


  • United States (general)

If there’s an election or political event that doesn’t appear here but that you’d like to cover, get in touch and we can arrange a bespoke package for you.