Trump’s Whitehouse has stopped publishing open data

If Obama’s administration was the most transparent, liberal administration we’ve ever seen, Trump’s administration already looks like the murky swamp he promised to drain.

Under Obama, the public were presented with a daily update of everyone visiting the White House, and as we do with all other useful sources of alternative data, we processed it using the Krzana engine. This meant that our users could be informed of, for example, when the CEO/board member of a company they follow had an audience with Obama or a member of his administration. A hugely useful resource for those looking for increased transparency and clarity.

Unfortunately, since Trump was inaugurated this page has been wiped and is now totally absent of content. A similar fate has also met the previously active pages for disclosing staff salaries, pending legislation, signed legislation, vetoed legislation, nominations & appointments and even the crucial ethics pledge waivers (which was put in place specifically to enforce an ethical government).

Now whilst I’m not suggesting that this is as worrying as the removal of any mention of Climate Change or the deletion of the LGBT page. It is still of great concern and has had an immediate effect of reducing transparency.

Perhaps this is only a temporary measure as the new administration gets bedded in and remove any mention of Obama, but my fear is that this resource is gone for good, and with it one of the most powerful ways of monitoring the government.

Of course we will continue to broaden our sources day by day, they now number over 60,000, but this is a very good example of how quickly the landscape of alternative data can shift.

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  • Joanne Williamson

    16th February 2017 at 4:37 pm Reply

    great article Quin!

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