Twitter’s Latest Announcements are Good for Journalism

Last week’s product announcement from Twitter released some powerful tools for readers to discover breaking news published on the social media platform. Notably, this discovery is driven by readers’ interests rather than simply the list of accounts they subscribe to.

This should be seen as a very reassuring statement to journalists that the tech giant is in tune with the changes the industry is undergoing, and that it wants to work with publishers to help them grow and engage with their audiences.

Journalism is entering a technological renaissance, in which journalists are being provided with ever more powerful tools to support them in discovering breaking news and developing tailored, niche narratives that are significant to their readers. It is, however, often still difficult to ensure that the readers who are affected by these high-quality stories are alerted to them at the appropriate time.

This is a real challenge. But it is a vital part of delivering great journalism, and it is an issue with which the industry has long struggled.

With the product team at Twitter taking up that mantle, publishers who produce insightful, timely stories with meaningful impact will find it easier than ever to grow and serve their audiences, and that can only be a great thing for journalism.

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